Niral Desai is the first Indian American artist to sign with Blank Kanvaz thanks to Tapped Ai

Niral Desai is the first Indian American artist to sign with Blank Kanvaz thanks to Tapped Ai

Niral Desai, a name you may not have known six months ago, is now making waves in the music industry thanks to his talent, dedication, and the incredible support he’s found within the Tapped Ai community. This Indian American artist is not just creating music; he’s forging connections, breaking stereotypes, and advocating for mental health, and he’s doing it all through the power of collaboration.

Niral’s journey began just half a year ago when he decided to take his music seriously. He found a home in Tapped Ai, a platform that connects artists with marketers, booking agents, A&R professionals, and other musicians. This was the starting point for Niral’s ascent into the music world.

One remarkable aspect of Tapped Ai is its strong sense of community. Artists can network, collaborate, and learn from one another. Niral, seizing the opportunity, made connections with fellow artists on the Tapped Ai label. Notably, he joined forces with Rysovalid, the rising star from New York, who’s poised to make significant moves with tracks alongside French Montana and DJ Khaled. It’s a testament to the collaborative spirit of the platform.

But Niral’s journey doesn’t stop there. His dedication and talent caught the attention of Dave Harris, the nephew of Michael Harris Jr., one of the owners of the legendary Death Row Records. Dave, inspired by his uncle and Irv Gotti, decided to create his own sub-label, Blank Kanvaz. His vision for Blank Kanvaz is a label that welcomes artists from all backgrounds, and Niral Desai, as an Indian artist speaking out about mental health, is a unique and powerful addition to this venture.

Niral Desai’s journey shows us the potential that can be unlocked when talent meets a supportive community. As he continues to make music and advocate for important causes, there’s no doubt that Niral’s story will inspire others to pursue their passions, make connections, and challenge stereotypes in the music world and beyond. The journey of this emerging artist is one to watch, and his music is set to leave a lasting impact on his community.

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